Wind, wind go away

This little place that we live is known for it’s wind. The high school mascot is the dust devils, and often the highway that leads to civilization is closed due to dust storms, but lately the wind is just brutal. I mentioned before about our fence blowing down while we were in Washington, well today I watched another part of the fence wave like the ocean, and then blow into our neighbors yard. It’s a strong wind to snap a 4X4 like a tooth pick. We have a grown up swing in the backyard grown up, that’s what the kids call it. It’s sitting upside down now on the lawn. The kids picnic table is in multiple pieces. While I was at the gym this morning, a neighbor tucked my garbage can in a safe place, thanks to whichever one of you did that nice thing. We haven’t even finished fixing the first downed fence. To top things off with mother nature, Reno has been hit by over 200 earth quakes in the last couple of weeks, with a few of them over 5.0. They are warning us that they are building and to be prepared for the worse. Yikes enough already.

One thought on “Wind, wind go away”

  1. Tell me about it. The other week the wind here blew so hard that I couldn’t see anything but dirt out the window and then I saw our trampoline, complete with side neting, blow over the fence and underneath the power lines until it rested in a tree. I am just glad that my kids weren’t on it but the wind has been horrible here as well.

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