Women in Our Lives

There are woman in the church who amaze me. They have such grace, and charm, and can get up and lead a meeting with such class and seem so articulate. I marvel at them, and wonder if I will ever grow into a maturity like this. It got me to thinking about the women in my life. There is of course my mother, where would I be without her? I have a hard time seeing her as a young mom. I wonder if she had the same self doubts that I have when it comes to being a mother. Or how about Danny’s Mom, she seems so sure of herself and capable in her parenting skills, were these great women once young with little ones hanging on them? I know they were, I just have a hard time picturing it, they just seem to have so much more wisdom and understanding on the issues of life then I, so I’m hoping to grow into this maturity that I see in these great woman in my life.

So moving on… Tanner had a soccer game on Saturday, the wind was blowing like it can only in Dayton. According to Danny it was blowing in gusts of over 60 miles per hour. It was blowing Alyssa right over and if Danny got off the chairs they would take off also. Tanner played goalie and the wind was with the other team, but nothing went past him. At half the coach put Tanner in as a forward, Tanner’s team won!

Aubrey came down with Strep throat this week, and it has run it course through all of us. I still have a residual sore throat, and wonder if I’m going to have to go see the doctor. I took Aubrey to the doc, and she was given some antibiotics, and it kicked it in her, but I’m the only one left with a sore throat.

I’m going to take the kids to Tahoe this weekend and get some photos I’ll post them if any of them turn out.