I spent yesterday running around to thrift stores trying to find something for Emma to wear to school for her Ireland presentation. She already had a green wool sweater, so I was looking for a simple gray or black cotton skirt. Taking Aubrey to a thrift store is like taking her to a candy store. We came out without a single skirt, but she had a new pair of rain boots, two hats (hopefully not lice from trying on all the hats) a Lands End sweater and a pair of Gap shorts all for $6, yeah for me, I think… I finally found a simple black skirt in a couple sizes too big, if I was more confident with my sewing skills I would have loved to have made her a cute pleated charcoal gray skirt, one more thing to work on. I did find a good bargain at Gotchalks though, they had some cute shirts for 60% off the 50% off sale price so they were just a couple of bucks, I was feeling pretty happy. So things were going my way, so I wanted to push my luck. I have this garbage can, I paid $100 for it, sshh don’t tell anyone. Anyway, this garbage can broke in it’s second year of life, and I was sick over it. So I looked the company up online, since this ends good I’ll tell you the company, Simple Human. So I mustered my courage, and called their customer service line, and said that my can was broken. They asked me my name, address etc… and said that the replacement part will be here in 5 days. She asked me if that was all and I asked her if that was really all, so we’ll see what happens, but they were wonderful. I had no receipt, no proof of purchase, nothing, you don’t see levels of customer service like that very much. So over all it was a good day.
Emma had her presentation today. We made it a family event. She loaded the bus this morning, and we followed the bus to Fernley Middle School. She seemed to have a good time, and did really well, I was proud of her. Aubrey and Alyssa, frustrated me so I left early and headed home, but she was in good spirits when I picked her up from school. I have pictures, but I’m in the middle of making dinner so I’ll have to post them later.

2 thoughts on “Bargains”

  1. I got a stainless steel can too. Mine was $$$ but I had gift certificates or Gary would never have let me get it. I have threatened my husband and children–no one does anything to hurt my trash can. Why should I be so protective of something you put TRASH in?

    Congrats on the good deals!

  2. I need to find a site where I can find some cute beding sets for my little girls and boy. I am also looking for a duvet cover set but I can’t seem to find a place. If anyone knows, let me know.

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