Daily Bite

Aubrey wanted donuts and chocolate milk for FHE treat last night, and so we decided to ride our bikes to the store to get them. It’s about a 5 mile ride to the store on a rough trail that goes along side the highway. The kids were loving the big dirt hills and the bumps, but their chains kept coming off their bikes. It was very frustrating, probably more so for Danny who had to keep putting their chains back on. For the trip home we decided to take a longer route but a smoother route. River Road meanders here and there, and there is little traffic so we were able to make good time on the way back. Donuts taste so much better after a 10 mile bike ride. I was proud of the kids though, they were tough, and Tanner kicked all of our butts, and rode ahead of all of us most of the time.

Emma’s teacher is determined to challenge her. She has thrown every spelling word that she can at her, and Emma has known them all. She told Emma that her goal is to have Emma miss all 20 words on the pre test which is given on Monday without having a chance to look at the words first. Emma has been enduring this torture for months now without missing more then 5 or 6 but this last test the teacher came close, Emma missed 11 of the words so I thought I’d share some of the words that her teacher has dug up for Emma. Just so you know it’s all in good spirit, Emma’s teacher loves to harass Emma, she says that is the only way she can challenge her.
1. atmospheric
2. bankruptcy
3. asparagus
4. buccaneer
5. chandelier
6. conscientious
7. daffodil
8. domineering
10. exhilarate
11. flimflam mer
12. facilitator
13. gourmet
14. gymnasium
15. hacienda
16. hygienist
17. inauguration
18. intricacy
19. jeopardy
20. judiciary
Bonus Words
1. narcolepsy
2. incisor

Now she has to write sentences for all of these words… YIKES.

As for my Tanner boy, he scored the highest in his class on the state reading test this week, actually he scored higher then a lot of 4th graders on the test. I couldn’t be prouder of him!