Ewww Gross!!!

I took the kids to the library yesterday, and Tanner checked out some Star Wars Books to read, something about the Queen of the Empire, a continuation of Star Wars. I’ve never read them, but they came from the kid section, how dangerous can they be…? This morning Tanner is reading and throws the book down, and starts saying “Ewww, gross, I can’t read this, that’s disgusting.” He does a little “so grossed out dance” and goes outside to take the dog out. So I grabbed the book fearing the worse, but find a small little kissing scene, nothing inappropriate. So Tanner comes back in and I tell him it’s just a little kiss, and he said you didn’t read the next page, so Emma grabs the book and reads the next page, and you won’t believe what she read… Han Solo, and Princess Lea got married, and he’s so grossed out about it. Silly boy. Did I spell those names correct, I’ve been unable to ever watch the movies, for some reason they have a sleepy effect on me and I’m snoring by the first fight scene… but then I was thinking that I did hear that Han Solo and Princess Lea were brother and sister, is that right, if so I might can see what he was so grossed out about, but I don’t think that is why he was grossed out. Boys are just cute!

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  1. No way. Hans Solo and Princess Lea are definitely not siblings. Princess Lea and Luke. Hans Solo and Princess Lea end up having twins of their own who are also jedi’s. I read like around nine books that Timothy Zahn wrote after the last Star wars movie and one day…I shall sell my Star Wars stuff.

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