A collection of things…

“I have to go potty” is what I’ve been hearing a lot lately from Alyssa. I really am in no mood to potty train her, so I’ve been ignoring her pleas. She won’t relent on her desire to potty, so I have been letting her go without a diaper.
So far the score is:
1 for the coffee table
1 for the sit and spin
1 for poo in the corner
1 for poo on the hard wood floor in front of Emma’s room
0 for the potty
Everytime she “goes” potty wherever it might be she runs to me and tells me “I did it” YUP you did it all right. I recently bought a Costco sized box of diapers so I have a while… I think we are making progress though she came to me today while wandering naked and demanded I put a diaper on her because she had to go potty. I’m not sure what this kid is thinking, but I’m patiently playing her game for a while, although I’m keeping my expectations low.

Yesterday was Aubrey’s birthday of course. So I’ll throw a few pictures of her opening gifts and blowing out candles. The pictures of her opening her gifts are after we got home from Lake Tahoe and I had just pulled her out of the bath so excuse the messy wet bath head.

We invited a few friends over for lunch yesterday to celebrate her birthday. Nothing elaborate, just lunch with some friends. Aubrey picked the menu, we had chicken nuggets and fruit kabobs that the kids made themselves.

Messy Bath Hair!

I made Aubrey a Barbie skirt cake. It was an interesting adventure. I had a hard time getting it high enough, so I had to keep baking more cakes. I think I baked 3 total to get it the right height. I was just about to saw off Barbie’s legs to get it the right height but Danny thought that could be a warping situation. It turned out alright, not fabulous, but alright!

2 thoughts on “A collection of things…”

  1. Love that picture of Aubrey in the black shirt from your previous entry. Very soulful.
    I am so with you on the potty training. I was waiting until Aspen was begging to do it, but the score for the floor is about as high as the potty. I think the novelty has worn off. I’m nearly to the point where I completely remove the bathroom rugs until this is over (at least it’s in the bathroom, right?).
    It looks like Aubrey had a fun little party. The grin on her face, opening presents, says it all.

  2. Hey Connie – I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to do pictures of your kids sometime! We’ll have to plan it. Reading your tribute to Aubrey was wonderful and moving. And your potty training-tail made me feel like I’m not alone – Thank-you!

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