Gymnastics Meet

Emma had a mock gymnastic meet this morning, and the coach invited Aubrey to participate also. Emma is on the team at Cross Tumblers, but we decided not to compete this year. The cost to compete was a little overwhelming, and I felt like I couldn’t justify it. It’s hard when there are 4 children all wanting to do something different, and I want them all to be able to do what their heart desires, but I can’t say to one kid, I’m sorry we spent $500 on your sister, so you can’t do what you want. Emma loves gymnastics, so we’ll continue to train for this year and maybe she can boost her skills a little more and we’ll try competing next year. Anyway, the coach had a pre competition in the gym this morning, and Emma did well. I could tell she was nervous and that probably contributed to a few mistakes. Gymnastics is a hard sport, and I love the self discipline that it teaches. I love the way the girls hold their heads up when they walk, and the control they have over their bodies. I think gymnastics teaches a lot of great life skills, so we’ll continue with it. Aubrey has recently started gymnastics also, and is loving it. It was cute to see Emma put her arms around her little sister as they sat on the mat waiting for their turn. Aubrey would shout out when Emma was up there, “that’s my sister”. This is something for those two to share in and it’s great watching them give each other high fives. Aubrey stuck to Emma like a magnet, and Emma wasn’t embarassed by her, she introduced her to her friends and they were all very sweet with her. Emma’s also taking some rythmic gymnastic classes there, they teach routines using jumpropes, balls, ribbons. That might be something Aubrey would enjoy, I’ll have to look into that for her.

I couldn’t get Aubrey to stand up straight…

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  1. I didn’t know Emma was in gymnastics. And good enough for the team! That is fantastic. I loved the bars, they were my favorite.

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