Morning Hike

I’m over my morning frustrations. Come to find out Danny is frustrated because we have too many types of sippy cups and he can’t find the correct lids to match the sippy… So crisis is adverted and we aren’t giving up on sippy cups just yet.

I have let my gym membership expire for the sake of our budget… so noble am I. So I have been driving daily to a hiking place in our little community and have been exploring different trails. I haul my butt up a fairly large hill to the different trails, and let Aubrey pick where we head from there. I have found many benefits to my morning hike.

Aubrey hikes with me, and some of our conversations are very enlightening. I doubt I’d hear half of what she is thinking if I didn’t share this time with her. Today she asked me about snakes and bees. She wanted to know why they like to bite people. I explained to her that they don’t like to bite people, they bite people because they are afraid. I told her she was so big and that she frightens them. She informed me that she wishes that we lived in Word World (PBS cartoon) so she could spell the word small be small and then they wouldn’t be afraid of her. She also wanted me to assure her that snake don’t eat lizards, she loves lizards. She is also very concerned that we are going to get lost, I haven’t found a solution to take away her fear yet, but with Aubrey I’m glad she is afraid we might get lost.

Taking Aubrey with me for my hike helps Aubrey to burn off some of her intense energy. That child is just full of life, yea that’s a good way to put it. So to take her for a 45 minute walk first thing in the morning helps her be a little less intense during the day. Before I would drop her off in the kid play room and that worked well, but she is actually benefiting physically by hiking with me.

When we get back to the car Alyssa starts to cry, ” more hiking” is what she says over and over and she fights hard when I put her in the car seat. I have a BOB jogging stroller and it handles the trails well, Alyssa loves the bumpy, bumpidy.

So I don’t have to pay, I get great conversation with my Aubrey and Alyssa is thrilled, all around everyone is happy!