Spilled Milk

This morning Danny declared no more sippy cups. I’m not sure what his issue is with sippy cups, but he said it has to end some where and he poured Alyssa a large glass of milk and headed for work. There is so much I could say here… all I’m going to say is sippy cups can end when he is on duty, but if I’m on duty… the sippy stays!

This brings me to a much larger issue that I have with Booster Seats. I should write a review on baby products. I really feel like boosters have major design flaws. There are so many crevices for food and milk to fall into, not to mention the cloth straps that don’t come off for cleaning. They are just an invitation for dirt and germs. I took Alyssa’s booster out this morning and hosed it down, luckily we have an abundance of sunshine here so that it will dry and not smell…

Not the best start for a morning, here’s hoping for a better day!