Grumpy Lady Bug

Alyssa is very shy, and quiet, and the school party seemed to be a little much for her. Everywhere she went there were kids trying to pick her up and adults who stopped to tell her how cute she was, and being the center of attention is not her idea of a good time. She did manage to tell a few adults that she was a lady bug, but that was getting her even more attention. Finally her fingers went in her mouth, and she was done with being cute.

We went to Danny’s work party after school. When Alyssa figured out that they were handing her candy she forgot all shyness and started helping herself to as much as she could take. There was this large, bald, nicely built probation guy there who was encouraging Alyssa to take as much as she could. I thought Alyssa wouldn’t even approach him, but she proved me wrong and took his challenge to heart and the more candy she would take the more he laughed and encouraged her to take more. I guess for candy she’ll put up with being the center of attention.

For your viewing pleasure, Danny as Captain Jack Sparrow!
Only one more day of this Halloween stuff, then on to one of my favorite times of the year… I’ve already been torturing the kids with Christmas music in the mornings… now no one can stop me!
I absolutely love Thanksgiving, I just think Christmas music can be a part of the whole season, including Thanksgiving, I hold off on all Christmas decor, but the music, 30 days is just not enough of it.

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