Aubrey's thoughts

So I just had a conversation with Aubrey. She said so seriously and very cute. “Mom, the new baby is a boy.” “Oh Yeah?” I said, then I asked her how she knew, and she said “I’ve been doing some thinking, and my thinking says it’s a boy”. Aubrey seems pretty certain… but we wont be letting her name him, she wants to name him Ella. Tanner would be delighted to have a brother, but then I wonder how much joy he’ll get out of him when he’ll be 8 years older then him… Just some random thoughts. Believe me this is a much better topic then the gross thing that occurred in the back yard this morning.

3 thoughts on “Aubrey's thoughts”

  1. Tanner is a great boy and he will be happy for his bro or sis! WHat happened in the back yard? Call me we need to get the boys together!:)

  2. I emailed you, but it must be the wrong address, I was wanting to get the boys together during our half days off. Today is kind of crazy though, I just need to give you a call…

  3. Tanner would still love having a brother no matter how much older he is. Dudes just stick together. That would be cool if it were really a boy. As for the back yard thing, you can’t just leave it like that. Now you have to tell because we are curious and you said gross which instantly gets our attention. Spill it.

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