Just a little update

4:44 am and I hear a little pitter patter of feet coming down the hall. Alyssa comes into the room, Danny is tuned to react to screaming, but I’m tuned into pitter patters. I rolled over and told Danny he had a little friend by his bed, she asked to snuggle, so he picked her up and tucked her under his arm pit and went back to sleep. Then we heard that sound that we all dread hearing, someone was vomiting. I knew when it was over by the scream that it was Emma. Of course we went down there and took care of her, tucked her back into bed, and went down there again in an hour to do the same. Then again, and again, and eventually the sun came up and we could assess the damage. This story is sad because today Emma’s GT class was going to take a trip to the Reno Philharmonic Orchestra. Emma has been talking non stop about this outing for weeks now, and she knew she would be unable to go. I called her teacher at 8:00, and told her Emma wouldn’t make it, but that Tanner and I were still going to come. So Tanner and I took an adventure to Reno, I don’t often get one on one time with Tanner, and I enjoyed his company. He enjoyed putting the coins into the parking meter, we watched Reno’s Christmas Tree drive into town, and watched them put it up. We got to see them setting up the Ice Rink, and enjoyed the entire day. The concert was fun, they really tailored it to children, playing scary songs from Phantom of the Opera, Bach, and the theme song of Jurassic Park. We got demonstrations of different instruments making different feelings. Emma would have loved it, too bad she couldn’t make it, life is full of disappointment sometimes. A local resort in Reno is having the Reno Philharmonic Christmas Concert in December with dancers and lights and all sort of fauna that I’m going to try and get tickets for so that Emma can enjoy the Philharmonic also.

On another topic, Friday is Tanner’s 8th birthday! And I’m having a Star Wars party for him. I have never been able to stay awake for those movies, and I guess I lack an appreciation for them. I know flame away, how could I not watch Star Wars? Believe me it wasn’t hard. So Tanner says you can make me a Death Star cake, sure I say, mental note-check what a Death Star is. For those of you who are Star Wars impaired like me it’s not a star… So I’m in trouble here, how do I make a cake for Star Wars? Sigh. How do I get into these things? So there is this blog I love to go to it is called cakewreckers.blogspot.com or something similar, I’d have to go look it up, but it shows horrible cakes, and all the mistakes people make. The whole site cracks me up, it’s worth a trip to, but I should just submit my cake now to this lady for her ridicule and let her get it over with. I will have a good attitude. Hey Target sells action figures, can I stab those into a cake? Tanner is very excited, he had his baptism interview on Sunday and he is ready and excited to be baptized on Saturday the 29th at 10:00am. I’m proud of him, he’s good natured and a joy to be with.

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  1. At least it wasn’t Alyssa puking under Danny!!! Poor Emma, I can imagine how excited she was- I would love to see that show you were talking about, which resort will it be at? I never watched Star Wars until about 18 mos ago. The Death Star is a sphere!! I don’t know how you’ll pull that one off, but you have to knock a chunk out of it, because it was still in the process of being built.

  2. Travis and I were “brain storming” for your cake adventure…. two bundt cakes make a rippelly (sp?) sphere. (bottom to bottom)

  3. Yeah Danny told me it was important to have a dent in the top part of it… Wilton makes a cake pan with two round halves, but then all those lines. I’m not sure how to pull it off yet. But thanks for the ideas!

  4. I have no idea how you’re going to pull off the star wars cake so I’m not going to try – sticking figures in it sounds good to me! Poor Emma – I totally thought it was going to be Alyssa . . . too bad it would have made for a good story, though maybe not – I still don’t think my “puke mom stories,” are fun yet.

  5. Heidi, Puke stories are never funny, I’ve got plenty of them and many of them make me want to rock in a corner just thinking about them. I think most of them will always be traumatizing. I’ve put an order in for the next baby to be a no puking model, I’ll let you know how that works.

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