What is this?

Doing pickup duty this morning, I ran into this little guy. As badly as I felt, I had to introduce him to the vacuum. Poor guy didn’t even see it coming. He is longer then a quarter in size, and has 10 legs, so what does that make him? Any ideas? I think I will be cleaning out under beds, and other hiding places because my little visitor gives me the creeps.

I went and researched this little cutie, go here to read about him. He is called a Wind Scorpion.

2 thoughts on “What is this?”

  1. AHHHHHHH! I would freak out if that were in my home! Definitely inspire me to vacuum like crazy- everywhere. I have seen some in my garage before. Sort of looks like a baby camel spider.

  2. That is SO NASTY!!!! I can’t believe that was in your home and you don’t live that far from me!!!! I saw it and thought you would say you faound it on a nature hike or even in the back yard! I need to go vacuum my hiding places now. Katy

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