Back to School Next Week

Aubrey has eczema all over her body. She feels like sandpaper on her torso, legs, arms, and it often bleeds behind her knees. She has suffered from this condition since she was a newborn, and it makes her so uncomfortable. I have tried every lotion out there, so when a friend of mine suggested a lotion she used I was skeptical, but took it anyway. After Aubrey’s bath on Saturday I lotioned her down like always, and sent her to bed and in the morning she felt smoother then I have ever felt her. She was pleased also, and allowed me to put on a second coat of it in the morning. I don’t know what the difference is with this lotion, but I’ll take it. It doesn’t cure the problem, but it has calmed her skin, maybe, just maybe I’ll get that kid out of a skirt and into a pair of jeans now.

We’re getting ready for the beginning of school. The school isn’t buying school supplies this year. Don’t ask my opinion about all of this, but off we went to the store, and bought the required supplies. I showed a little rebellion though, the teacher for Aubrey’s class is wanting 2 blue bullet tipped dry erase markers. Really! To get two of those I’d have to buy 2 multi colored packs and then remove the blue ones at a cost of $12 for the 2 packs. Not happening, she gets whatever colors Tanner doesn’t choose from the multi colored pack because he needs 4 markers. Then I got a little carried away, they wanted Lysol brand disinfecting wipes, so I bought Target brand. They wanted 16 count crayons, couldn’t find them anywhere, really I looked, so I bought 24 count. With 3 kids in school and two other kids with me I just couldn’t run around to lots of stores looking for this kind of detailed list, so I’m telling the school what I tell my kids, “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”.

Aubrey is so stinking excited to go to school, she wakes every morning asking how many more days. I can’t wait I’m excited for her. I guess I should be a little sad, but I love that she is growing and changing and experiencing life with such enthusiasm. I hope kindergarten is ready for Aubrey.
I’ve been on a sewing kick. While I was pregnant, I was desperate for things to keep me occupied so I bought some fabric to make Aubrey a pillowcase. I never could get it made so I finished it last week and sewed a second one for Alyssa because I had hurt her feelings by not making one for her in the first place.

We’re off to Lake Tahoe tonight for F.H.E. Once school starts we have scouts, piano lessons, activity days and we might not make it back up again this summer.

2 thoughts on “Back to School Next Week”

  1. They ask for blue markers (and usually black, so that's a little strange) because red and other colors leave a film on the whiteboards that make it hard to read.

    I don't understand why a kid can't have 24 crayons – they always want more colors anyhow, right?

  2. I totally agree about the back to school list. We went back to school shopping and I had the same attitude…"You get what you get and don't throw a fit". Jayce will get a blue and black dry erase marker and Megan will get the rest, among other modifications we had to make to their list.

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