Lake Tahoe in the Evening

Last night for F.H.E. we joined some friends up at Lake Tahoe. There are so many reason I enjoy going to Tahoe in the late afternoon over the morning and day time. -There are no crowds at all up there after 4:00 -I don’t have to use sunscreen -The temperature is perfect
-The sunset is a reminder to me that the world is beautiful and for our enjoyment. The only down side is the kids like to play with their friends when they go to the beach, so we invited some friends up with us last night and renewed our friendship, and our spirits. I got so many pictures last night, the lighting is perfect for photos when the sun is about to go down. Hallie enjoyed her toe dips and she didn’t seem to mind the fresh air on her naked skin. I’m thinking that FHE needs to be on the beach from now until October. I made a collage of some pictures from last night because I’m too lazy to upload all of the pictures I wanted to post, so if you click on it you can look at the pictures better.

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  1. Those pictures are great! I couldn't view the others though. When I click on the symbal it takes me to my dashboard. What is the deal?

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