Walnut Creek, OH

It’s been a hard week.  The excitement of moving here was over, Christmas has come and gone, and the reality of what we have done hit the kids this week.  Aubrey was crying in her room, I should say sobbing in her room, when we investigated we learned how badly she was missing her friends.  Perfect fix, we called Kendra, and invited over some new friends to play the next day.  There is a family here with the same family order as ours with almost identical ages.  Girl, boy, girl, girl, girl.  It worked perfectly, I had all 5 of them over, and everyone had a buddy.

My sister arrived on Wednesday, even better for beating the blues– COUSINS.  The kids have been playing tag, hide go seek non stop since they arrived.  We took the kids swimming to a wonderful indoor community center pool, fully equipped with a lazy river and slides.  This pool is far superior to anything I have ever seen in a public pool category.

Today we headed out to Amish Country.  I felt like a dork taking pictures of the little buggies, I only allowed myself one shot, because it seemed like I was intruding upon their privacy, like they were some sort of freak show, and really I have nothing but respect for what they are doing.  We did enjoy some of their cooking though, and admired their quilts, candy and coveted their furniture.  We stopped and bought some summer sausage, wonderful cheeses, and other meats.  We saw some grand horses, the great big ones that my grandfather used to raise–Clydesdale’s.  The cheeses and meats were priced reasonably, as were their meals at the restaurants.  Everything is grown organically.  It was about an hour and 15 minute drive from our home and I can tell you we will be visiting them frequently.  I bet I could learn a few things from them in the quilting department.

The drive was crazy, two lane roads that take off through the forest, up and down, up and down, little hills, felt like a roller coaster, and then dodging buggies.  We ran into the first buggy about 35 miles from home, and they were more frequent the closer in we got.  The kids loved every moment, but I’m thinking that with all these crazy roads and little signage I’m going to need a GPS in my car.

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  1. I want to visit there when I come. The food sounds wonderful. I am glad you found a family that matchs yours. The Voigtleanders did too! The pool sounds awesome too!

  2. I would love to visit Amish country! I bet we could learn so much from them- cooking and sewing! Do they offer classes to civilians?

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