Picture Perfect

Breakfast in bed consisted of a mushroom omelet, fresh berries and lemon poppy seed muffins. It was delicious, but I love that the kids sit in bed with me and eat my breakfast with me. The kids all looked cute for church and they couldn’t have sang any cuter. Aubrey got to go up and sing for the first time and when she came back she threw her arms around my neck and said “I did it just like my big kids, didn’t I Mom?” Emma being the big sister took good care of Aubrey on the stand and held her up a few times so that we could see her. I beamed with pride. The youth spoke about their mothers and one of the young ladies that spoke said that mothers need to live more in the moment, I thought “I live in the moment”, well most moments… some I’d rather not live in. Even with a picture perfect mother’s day there were a few moments I didn’t want to live in. How about Tanner coming to me 30 minutes before church saying his church clothes weren’t clean. I fixed that problem. We were late for church today and that NEVER happens, but we took seats in the back and we were separated. Danny was sitting behind me and during the Sacrament, Alyssa was getting trollish, so Danny hands her a new tin container of Altoid mints to play with. She promptly opens it up and they sprinkle for a full 30 seconds all over the floor, of course we were late because of Tanner’s pants, so we were in the back on the wood floor so we heard plink, plink, plink, CANDY, CANDY,plink, plink, CANDY etc… Yes Alyssa can say CANDY, and everyone knows it, what a great word for her to learn, now everyone knows what a great mother I am that one of my babies first words is candy, and she wont stop saying it. Then Aubrey had to go to the bathroom, and refused to let anyone take her but Tanner, so I called her bluff, and she eventually settled down. So this is how my Mother’s Day went, but I truly remember it as picture perfect.
When we got home from church I settled in with my sweet Tanner and read a couple of chapters of Harry Potter, we just finished Hatchet, and he couldn’t wait to do another book with me. I read the odd pages and he reads the even. We then laid in bed and he shared secrets with me, I’m so grateful that he’ll still snuggle in bed with his mom and tell me things that are important to him. Picture Perfect!

Other happenings of the week


How many times have I heard don’t leave your tooth brush on the sink, when you flush the toilet… Salmonella
How about that chicken on the counter… Salmonella.
Advertising companies, “buy our product it kills Salmonella.”
I’m not sure what Salmonella really is, I know it’s a bacteria, no maybe it’s a virus, but I’ve feared it for a long time because I’m told to fear it.
In R.S. a lady took this whole chicken and a pair of kitchen shears and started to hack away at this bird. The point being that it could save us money if we learned how to hack apart a chicken. I think what I learned was that frozen chicken from Costco was worth the extra money. So I was over at a friends house this week, and her house smelled divine, I asked what she was cooking, and she said a chicken. Instantly I stopped listening, nope, not me, I’m not hacking apart a bird, and giving my family Salmonella. But she assured me that all you have to do is take the bird wash it and huck it in a crock pot.

I guess I’d have to do the math to see if it really saved money or not, with the weight of the bones and all that is wasted with a whole chicken, but the bird cost $4.50 and it was delicious!

Our strawberry plants have all blossomed, and are looking good, can’t wait to enjoy the berries if I can get to them before the kids do that is.

I went out with Danny on Saturday morning and pounded out nails from the planks while he hammered them back up, it’s a long tedious job, and we aren’t even half done. I’m sure when we get this part put up with the winds around here it wont be long until another section goes down, I suggested that we just start replacing it with vinyl fence sections, because eventually the whole thing is going to go down, but I was veto’d.

Tanner’s team won their soccer game on Saturday!
I think that does it for this week. Oh if anyone has a few moments, Aubrey is desperately looking for mail everyday, drop her a letter and I promise I’ll help her write back.