Moments of Cute

Emma and Tanner were sorting laundry the other day and having way too much fun doing it, so I took my camera down there to see what they were up to. I still don’t know what they were doing in there, but I asked them to open the door and this is what I got. I like it when they get along especially when they have to work together, it makes the chore more fun.

In a recent post I was saying how Alyssa wont look at the camera, and refuses to acknowledge me at all if I have a camera in my hand, somehow that has been cured and she now has Aubrey’s problem. I’m assuming she has picked it up from Aubrey, but when she sees a camera now she says “cheeeeeessssseeeee”. I’m thinking I liked being ignored more. It’s cute though. Last night in the bath she was licking water from the faucet as it poured in and I thought it would be a cute picture, this is when I discovered her change of heart for the camera, she wouldn’t lick anymore she would just say cheese.

Here’s Alyssa looking too cute in her nightgown hugging her baby. How many times can I use cute in one post?

One more moment of “cute”. I was eating lunch and put on “Little Bear” for the girls to watch for a few moments peace. When I came to see what Alyssa was up to this is what I found, luckily I had my camera right there. Sweet little sister, a mother’s dream come true.

I wish I had something exciting to tell, but sadly, things are pretty quiet around here. Danny did get the fence put up and there are only 14 days of school left, I’m behind on laundry, but I’m not sure that qualifies as exciting. So I best not waste much more time here, and go get that laundry done, blech!