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Our little town has a festival called Oodles of Noodles, I guess it is to celebrate the Chinese influence on the town’s existence, Dayton was settled by Chinese mine workers, and used to be called China Town, although I see no Chinese influence in this town at all, and I’m not sure what noodles has to do with anything, you’d think Oodles of Rice or something… I know it doesn’t rhyme, I get it, but I don’t really get it… Anyway, this is going somewhere, I’m just taking the long way there! So what you do is buy a ticket and that allows you to sample different pasta dishes from local business and then you vote at the end for your favorite. So one thing that really bothers me about living where we do is our local brothels. The Bunny Ranch sponsored a booth and made a pasta dish and had their little “bunnies” out their serving it, and to top it off the noodles are shaped like yep you guessed it bunnies. Cute huh? They sell the noodles in packages with “The Bunny Ranch” on them if anyone is looking for souvenirs. Tanner and Emma came up with me to get our sample of pastas sigh, I guess everywhere has it’s problems.

Yesterday for FHE it was my night to choose activity, and I chose to go hiking on the Tahoe Rim Trail. So I packed everything up, stopped by Subway for some 5 buck foot longs, picked the kids up from school, fetched Danny from work and headed up. We had a wonderful time, but I forgot my camera, I was so disappointed, since starting this blog I’ve been so good about capturing everything we do on camera, and I think it will make a great family book, but my camera is very large and not conducive to hiking, I need a small camera that I can keep in my car for such outings. The kids had such a great time. The first mile and a half of the hike is up hill to a large out cropping of granite rocks. We usually stop there for dinner and then head home, but we wanted to go further this time so we continued on, the hike is actually hundreds of miles long, Google Tahoe Rim Trail, it’s pretty amazing. So we continued past our regular spot, but it was getting so cold and Alyssa was starting to fuss, so we ate dinner on another granite rock, I wish I had pictures, it’s so beautiful. Tanner told us a scripture story, Emma shared a lesson, and Aubrey had us singing songs the whole way down, it was delightful, and the kids had so much fun, except Alyssa who’s diaper starting leaking, I can only assume from the pressure of the back pack between her legs so she was unhappy. Aubrey made the 2 miles up without any help and didn’t slow us down at all, Danny carried her a little ways back down, but it’s nice that she is getting big enough to join us on our adventures. We were all pretty cold when we got back to the car, so we stopped by a Starbucks on our way home and the kids got hot chocolates and Danny and I got steamed skim milk with a little flavoring, Danny’s idea, he was on treat.

My friend Heather is off on a cruise this week, good for her, but really, I’m jealous!

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  1. Ha ha ha. I am back from my vacation cruise and I will post all the lovely pics and have many pics to look at as soon as I get over the lack of sleep. Ha ha.

  2. So my comment said pics twice but what I meant to say was all the lovely details later. See I need a vacation now to make up for the vacation I just had but since I gained 6 pounds on my trip, I must work out instead of sleep. Too bad.

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